Important Features in an Online ECommerce System

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Catalog Management

An important part of an eCommerce solution is managing the catalogue. It keeps track of all your products in one place. It should ideally have import and export functions for groups of products, which is important when you have a lot of products on your website. With this feature, you can upload or download many products at once to or from your server, saving you valuable time. Think about how much time you’d waste if you had to put 3000 products on your server manually. The catalogue should also make it easy for you to set product prices. It should also come with a scheduler so you can set the prices of your products to change on their own at a certain time. When you look through your catalogue, the system should also have a filter and a search function that make it easy to find the products you want.

Tools for Marketing and Ads

Marketing and promoting your eCommerce site are very important. For an eCommerce store to be successful, it needs online promotions and marketing campaigns from time to time to keep people coming back and making that important purchase. Make sure your eCommerce system lets you make and manage discount coupons and pricing rules for members and people who aren’t members. In addition, you can upsell and cross-sell your products with the help of powerful tools. These tools are important for keeping people on your site.

Features of Shipping and Delivery

Depending on what you sell on your online store, a well-designed shipping and delivery module is important for your eCommerce site. The most important part for the end customer is the delivery/shipping module. Your visitors should be able to choose the type of shipping they want for their order, and the system should determine the shipping costs for them. On top of these, you should also know which international carriers your system supports and how easy it is to add them to your system. For example, DHL and FedEx offer real-time shipping rates, which you need to know how to add to your eCommerce system.

Payment Modules

Payment is one of the most important parts of an eCommerce system, just like shipping and delivery. Most eCommerce sites that sell products and subscriptions want to make money in the end. So, your eCommerce system needs to work with the most popular payment gateways and systems, like PayPal, 2Checkout, and WorldPay. People who visit your eCommerce site should also be able to choose from a list of ways to pay since different payment methods are popular in different parts of the Internet.

Optimization for Search Engines The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) feature of the eCommerce system is the last important feature on my list. SEO is important for all eCommerce sites because search engines need to crawl and index your products and services. Without SEO, no one will be able to find the products they want on the Internet, and no one will be able to find your site. Likewise, if you don’t market the products on your eCommerce site in other ways, no one will be able to find them. Your eCommerce system needs to make search engine-friendly (SEF) URLs to be search engine optimized. It should also help you make sitemaps automatically so you can submit your site to search engines. They should also give you an easy way to add meta information about your products to the eCommerce system’s admin panel.

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