Best PHP Based ECommerce Platforms

PHP is the most popular server-side programming language, and it is always improving to make building websites and web applications easier. The latest version of PHP also has several new language features, faster speed, and less use of resources. So, if you want your website to load faster, you can always think about making your eCommerce application with PHP. The faster loading speed will help the site rank higher in search engines and keep visitors interested.

You can even use the tools of PHP-based eCommerce platforms to build a custom web store without extra work. Most of these eCommerce platforms are open source and free, so you can use them without adding costs to your project. Also, depending on your business model and needs, you can choose from several PHP-based e-commerce platforms. But it’s also important to compare the tools and features of different PHP-based eCommerce platforms based on your needs.


The PHP eCommerce platform works with WordPress. You can even use WooCommerce as a plug-in to add eCommerce features to a WordPress website that already has them. WooCommerce’s themes and plug-ins will make it easier for you to change your web store and shopping cart to fit the way you do business. Even though WooCommerce is very flexible, it lets you choose from many add-ons. But you must pay for some of these themes, extensions, and plug-ins. But you can always use the tools that WooCommerce gives you to make custom eCommerce application development easier.


The first version of the open-source eCommerce platform was written in Perl. But after that, the developers rewrote OpenCart in PHP. In addition to a shopping cart, OpenCart offers several themes and plug-ins that make it easier to build eCommerce websites. It works with multiple languages, currencies, tax rates, and payment gateway. With the platform’s built-in SEO feature, you can also boost the search engine visibility and ranking of your eCommerce site without hiring skilled digital marketers.


ZenCart was first made as a program for online shopping carts. But ZenCart’s features make it easy to set up and run a personalized web store in a short amount of time. You can change the eCommerce site to fit the needs of your business by using the themes and plug-ins that come with the shopping cart program. At the same time, ZenCart supports multiple languages, currencies, payment methods, shipping methods, and discount coupons. Also, it improves the buying experience for customers by keeping the checkout process and flow simple and quick.


PrestaShop supports more than 60 languages, more than other PHP-based eCommerce platforms. You can promote and sell your products to people who live in different places and speak different languages using PrestaShop’s support for multiple languages. At the same time, PrestaShop’s modules and layout templates make it easier to change the web store without putting in more work. You can also use PrestaShop’s many useful features, such as customizable themes, a design that works well on mobile devices, and professional templates for eCommerce sites. Paid modules and layout templates for PrestaShop, on the other hand, will cost you extra money.

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